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With over 45 years of experience helping manage California’s diverse fisheries and habitats, and personal involvement in fly fishing and fly tying throughout his career, Dennis P. Lee, Fisheries Scientist, steelhead angler, fly tier, and author provides a unique perspective into the fly fishing world.

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"It is said that steelhead are the fish of one thousand casts. Just the opposite, half-pounders can be the fish of every other cast when the angler is in the right place at the right time. Half-pounders are small, immature steelhead that have spent only a few months in the ocean before retuning to freshwater in the late summer and fall months. Fortunately for fly anglers, they feed while in freshwater and will aggressively take a fly."

from The Half-Pounder - A Steelhead Trout, Life History and Fly Fishing.

“The Half-pounder – A Steelhead Trout, Life History and Fly Fishing” provides a unique perspective of the origin of half-pounder and steelhead names, steelhead evolution and distribution, and the life history of this diminutive steelhead called a half-pounder. This 240 page Limited Edition hardback book summarizes information from published and unpublished scientific fishery studies and popular literature on the early history, geography, stream flows, angler access, run size, run timing and distribution, age and growth, and angler catch of half-pounders from the Rogue, Klamath, Eel, Sacramento and Mad rivers. Also, included are chapters on half-pounder fly fishing equipment, fly presentation and methods, and the history, styles, and flies used for half-pounders.  156 individual color photographs and descriptions of historical and present day half-pounder flies are found on almost every page. This book is a must for every fly angler who ever cast a line for steelhead.

Thousands of steelhead and Pacific salmon fly patterns have been created and knowing which flies to purchase for your next fishing trip is often a daunting task. To make fly selection easier and more convenient, I have assembled several individual fly box selections for purchase, consisting of at least one dozen proven steelhead flies, selected for particular rivers, seasonal runs, and fly fishing methods. All flies in each selection are personally tied by me and are recognized successful patterns. Some selections include unique patterns not available in retail stores, but have proven effective at taking fish. Each selection is packaged in a 5 ½ by 3 ½ inch metal box with transparent hinged lid, and a cork insert for easy fly storage and carry on the river. All fly box selection orders are shipped free via USPS. Keep checking back as new selections are added to the list.

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Custom Fly Tying

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DP Lee Fly Tying provides custom fly tying that provides anglers the opportunity to order specialized flies for steelhead and salmon. Like the old days, before overseas production tiers dominated retail sales, your flies are tied to order and to your exact specifications. All flies are tied personally by Dennis who can reproduce reliable time proven patterns, create a new custom pattern, or reproduce your favorite unique pattern. The best available and most appropriate materials are used for all patterns and are tied to look beautiful, and at the same time durable and meant to last. Check out the Fly Tying Page for a list of fly styles and examples.

Consulting Services

DP Lee Consultants can provide solutions to your fishery management needs. Services available include plan preparation, development, and implementation based on your needs and budget. Whether you are designing a new fishing lake or stream, renovating an existing fishery, or looking for new and innovative ways to improve a present management program through fish stocking, alternative regulations, or habitat manipulation, my experience and knowledge can provide the resources you need to accomplish you goals and objectives.


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