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For your convenience, I have assembled several fly box collections for your favorite  fishing style or time of year to make your fly box selection and purchase easier. Each collection includes up to one dozen flies of known effective patterns, while some include new and unique patterns that have proven to be successful for steelhead.


Collections are shipped USPS postage paid in a metal box with a transparent lid and flat cork insert, while the Intruder Collection is shipped in a compartmented plastic box for easy storage and carry on the river.


You can purchase fly box collections in any quantity - Please remember when ordering flies they may differ from photo due to availability of materials and hooks. Substitutions will be at the discretion of Dennis at an equal value.


These Fly Box Collections make Great Gifts!

Fly Boxes - $40 - $45


Assorted Fly Box Collections
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Fly Box #1

Bead Head Collection


One dozen flies including four each Copper, Gold, and Silver Herniator variations in the most popular hook sizes for half-pounder and adult summer steelhead. The patterns are great

for nymphing or traditional swing methods.

Fly Box #2

Steelhead Soft Hackle Collection


Sixteen soft-hackle flies including four each Partridge/Orange, Yellow/Grouse, Teal/Olive, and Black/Black in smaller hook sizes and styles appropriate for half-pounder and adult steelhead. Excellent for low water periods.

Fly Box #3

Steelhead Muddler Minnow Collection


One dozen Steelhead Muddler Minnows flies in several different hook sizes appropriate for steelhead. Our Steelhead Muddler Minnows are tied with less hair in the head that makes for easier casting and have great action. This pattern remains one of the most productive steelhead patterns fished with a floating line.

All in selection are same pattern, different hook sizes.

Fly Box #4

Summer Steelhead Collection


One dozen flies including three each Purple Flash, Blue Flash, Cat’s Ass and Perryman’s Jefferson Starship pattern in the most popular hooks sizes and styles for summer steelhead. Each of these are unique patterns not available in retail stores.

Fly Box #5

Steelhead Waking and Skating Collection


Includes 6 Greased Liner (three black and three insect yellow) and 6 Steelhead October Caddis flies in sizes and styles appropriate for waking and skating for summer steelhead.

Fly Box #6

Winter Steelhead Collection


One dozen flies including three each Fall Favorite, Polar Shrimp, Skykomish Sunrise, and Winter’s Hope. This collection of bright patterns are standards for winter steelhead fly fishing and are tied in the most popular hook sizes and styles.

Fly Box #7

Comet Collection


One dozen flies including three each Gold Comet, Orange Comet, Blue Comet, and Boss. These flies are tied in the traditional style with long tails and bead chain eyes; and are tied in the most popular hook sizes and styles for winter steelhead. These patterns are also effective flies for fall Chinook salmon in California and Southern Oregon tidewater areas.

Fly Box #8

Intruder Collection


Ten Intruder style flies including 2 each black/grizzly, black and blue, black and orange, purple, and pink colors. These flies are tied on our own 35 mm long heavy duty stainless steel shank and a No. 2 short shank hook attached with 7-strand stainless steel plastic coated wire. Total length of each fly is about 2 ½ to 3 inches. Flies are weighted with appropriate size silver or gold non-toxic metal eyes. This selection comes packed in a 6 ½ X 3 ¾ inch 5 compartment plastic box great for storage and carry on the river.

Check back periodically to see new assortments

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