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With over 45 years helping manage California’s diverse inland fisheries and the habitats, DP Lee Consultants can help provide solutions to your fishery management problems. Dennis began his career in 1970 with the California Department of Fish and Game (renamed Fish and Wildlife) and for 36 years worked on, implemented, or supervised a variety of fishery programs and projects.

Since 2006, Dennis has helped clients with projects involving planning, review, development, and evaluation of salmonid hatchery programs, natural stocks issues urban lakes and pond management, habitat restoration, and independent scientific review groups.

DP Lee Consultants specializes in plan preparation, development, and implementation based on your needs and budget. Whether you are designing a new lake or stream, renovating an existing fishery, or looking for new and innovative ways to improve your present management program through fish stocking, alternative regulations, or habitat manipulation. My experience and knowledge can provide the tools and resources to help you accomplish you goals and objectives. Dennis offers expertise in the following areas:

• Lake and Stream Design,

• Coldwater and Warmwater Habitat Restoration and Improvement,

• Fish Stocking Evaluations and Recommendations,

• Aquatic Vegetation Control Recommendations,

• Water Quality Assessment,

• Angling Regulations Review and Assessment,

• Fishery Management Plan Preparation, and

• Hatchery and Genetic Management Plan Preparation

Contact me to discuss your problems or issues. In addition to fisheries management consulting services, Dennis also  provides programs and presentations to address your specific problem or dealing with insightful and educational fishery subjects.



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